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Buying a Used DJI Inspire 2 - My New Big Boy Toy

I have waited years to get my hands on one of these and the day has finally come. If anyone has ever been interested or owns a drone they know that the DJI Inspire series are the cream of the crop. They are professional standard drones that are used by film industries around the world. The new DJI Inspire 2 is a massive upgrade on the Inspire 1, with added sensors, redundancy systems and increased battery life it is no doubt that this is a sought after drone. You have three camera options on the DJI Inspire 2 - the X4S, X5S and the X7. All of this tech doesn't come cheap however, a brand new price tag of all the equipment needed to get you in the air costs you around £7,000 pounds.

There is no way I could afford a brand new DJI Inspire 2 and this is why I opted to invest in a second hand DJI Inspire 2. I searched and searched to find a local, suitable drone with low hours and with the accessories that I needed. I managed to find one from an ex PfCO pilot so I could trust that although it would of been used it would of also have been taken care of and flown within legal limits.

I was super happy with my purchase. It was half the price that I would of paid brand new and I was able to get a quick tutorial of how to use it. I used it for my first professional job and it just worked. It was super agile and allowed me to perform filming moves that I had never previously been able to.

It does make me nervous putting that much money up in the air which is exactly why every drone pilot should be insuring their equipment...

DJI Inspire 2

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